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Friday, 19 December, 2014


Your Property Taxes and the City Levy

We all know that property taxes can vary from year to year, but why they vary may be a less understood. Minnesota’s property tax system can be complicated. There are a variety of factors that can influence the change. Changes

Police Reserves support invaluable to Grand Rapids

Once a month, a dedicated group of volunteers dressed in police blue come together at City Hall – The Grand Rapids Police Reserves. This volunteer program puts regular community members on the street, in uniform, in support of the Grand

'Tis the Season for Sidewalk Maintenance

‘Tis the season for neighborly acts of kindness, right? Well then, what could be more neighborly than sidewalk maintenance? Wait, wait, hear me out. Picture yourself out enjoying a stroll in the brisk winter air, admiring the twinkling sparkle of

Snow and Ice Control Policy

The City of Grand Rapids strives to provide reasonable snow and ice control to its residents. The City and Public Works Department work hard to balance the safety of pedestrian, bicycle, and motorized traffic with efficiency and cost effectiveness of

Local Units of Government are Not Apples

With the development of the internet, government information has become much easier for the public to access. This is a wonderful tool for people when they are doing research on their city, county, state, or federal government. However, it is

Civic Center Advertising Opportunities!

Dear Businesses, The IRA Civic Center is excited to announce a new advertising opportunity. STEP SIGNS are 5" x 36" stickers that adhere to the face of the bleacher steps in the arena. Below you will see a breakdown our advertising

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