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Friday, 24 October, 2014


Local Units of Government are Not Apples

With the development of the internet, government information has become much easier for the public to access. This is a wonderful tool for people when they are doing research on their city, county, state, or federal government. However, it is

IRE Students Adopt Riverfront Energy Center

Seven Iron Range Engineering (IRE) students have adopted the Riverfront Energy Center this semester. These seniors will put their engineering knowledge to the test as they investigate alternative energy sources for cooling the Grand Rapids Area Library.   The City has been

Arts and Culture Commission Plan

The Arts and Culture Plan is Underway   The arts are important to all of us in Grand Rapids. With your help we can ensure they stay that way. The City of Grand Rapids is in the process of creating a new

2014 Deer Hunt

The City of Grand Rapids, along with the Minnesota DNR, will allow a special antlerless hunt to take place this fall, similar to the one in 2013.   A leading cause of the continual increase of deer in the city

Civic Center Advertising Opportunities!

Dear Businesses, The IRA Civic Center is excited to announce a new advertising opportunity. STEP SIGNS are 5" x 36" stickers that adhere to the face of the bleacher steps in the arena. Below you will see a breakdown our advertising

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