The City of Grand Rapids is a Statutory Plan A form of government providing a weak Mayor/Council and a City Administrator.  All policy decisions and legislative activities are the responsibility of the Council, but the administrative duties are delegated to the City Administrator.  One of the primary duties of the City Administrator is to oversee the preparation of an annual budget for approval by the City Council.


The City of Grand Rapids utilizes a departmental based line item budget. Department generated revenues are allocated to each department to offset their expenditures resulting in a net amount of property taxes needed to fund City services. The construction of each yearly budget is preceded by a City Council work session that establishes departmental service outcomes organized around the following service areas:
These outcomes assist department heads in the process of building their respective departmental budgets.
The respective departmental outcomes, in turn, will generate levels of expectations for City services and corresponding indicators of performance.  Indicators of performance will be utilized in the yearly budget process to determine the level of expenditures needed to maintain or improve the quality and/or level of service provided.