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The adoption of an ADA Transition Plan by all public agencies with greater than or equal to 50 employees is a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enacted on July 26, 1990.  ADA is a civil rights law prohibiting the discrimination against individuals on the basis of a disability.  ADA consists of five titles outlining protections in the following areas:
I. Employment
II. State and Local Government Services
III. Public Accommodations
IV.... read more

Through the public improvement process, the City levies special assessments to benefiting properties.  The City follows Minnesota Statute 429.  The League of Minnesota Cities provides a user friendly summary of the assessment process.  Click here to view the "LMC Special Assessment Guide."
Click here for a copy of the current City of Grand Rapids Special Assessment Policy... read more

Yard Compost Site Available to All Residents:

A public compost site for yard waste including grass clippings and leaves (no branches or garbage accepted) is available to all residents. The site is located on the north side of River Road approximately 450 feet east of the intersection of 8th Street SE and River Road (County Road 3). The address is 1875 River Road, Grand Rapids MN.  The composted material is turned... read more


Grand Rapids City Councils past and present have always placed a high priority on the surrounding lakes, rivers, creeks and wetlands within the City limits.  To adequately fund the growing demand and increasing cost related to stormwater drainage, water quality management and wetland protection, the City Council passed a Stormwater Utility Ordinance: #04-08-10read more
The Public Works (PW) Department maintains 93 miles of streets throughout the City of Grand Rapids and 16 miles of MnDOT roadways.  Maintenance includes street sweeping, storm sewer maintenance, pothole patching, tree trimming, boulevard maintenance on sidewalks and general mowing.  The PW Department is also responsible for overseeing street crack sealing, which prolongs the life of the city streets.  The street crack... read more

The City of Grand Rapids has prepared the Amended Street Reconstruction Plan for the Years of 2017-2021 to identify potential street reconstruction projects and their funding sources.  The Plan is intended to satisfy the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, Section 475.58, Subdivision 3b for the City to issue street reconstruction bonds to cover a portion of the costs for the projects.  The items included for the years 2017-2021 are... read more

The Public Right-Of-Way (ROW) means the area on, below, or above a public roadway, highway, street, alley, cartway, bicycle lane, or public sidewalk which the City maintains or otherwise has an interest, and other easements dedicated to the public or to use for utility service. The public right-of-way does not include the airwaves with regard to nonwire telecommunications or broadcast services.

Permits are needed for any work within the City's Public... read more


The Engineering Department provides support services to guide the planning, design, management, maintenance and construction of the City's infrastructure.  The primary focus of infrastructure is related to those items located within the public right of ways and easements.  Typical infrastructure items include, but are not limited to, streets, storm sewer, sanitary sewer collection, water distribution, street lighting, sidewalks and trails.


Public Works

The Public Works Department provides for the operation and maintenance... read more