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The city recognizes the need for an organized, systematic inspection program of residential rental units within the City of Grand Rapids in order to ensure that rental units meet city and state housing safety, health, fire, building and zoning codes, and to provide a more effective system for compelling the correction of code violations and the proper maintenance of rental property within the city. Further, the most effective system to provide for rental inspections is the creation of a program requiring the registration of all residential rental units within the city so that an orderly inspection schedule can be undertaken by the city building inspection and fire departments. This registration program is intended to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the entire community.

The owner of each rental unit shall make written application to the City for registration of the rental unit(s). A new owner shall be required to register units within ten (10) days after acquiring them.

Online Rental Permit Application Form

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A fee schedule is included below for your information.

The City of Grand Rapids is offering a waiver of the First- time Rental Registration Fee of $400 if the application is received within 60 days starting October 15, 2021. Other applicable fees as listed in the fee schedule will apply.

Rental Housing Fee Schedule

Rental Permit fees will be billed annually

  • 1 Unit Residential  -  $100/annual
  • Duplex residential  -  $150/annual

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

  • 3-6 units  -  $200 per bldg/annual
  • 7-10 units  -  $300 per bldg/annual
  • 11-12 units  -  $360 per bldg/annual
  • 13-24 units  -  $500 per bldg/annual
  • 25 units & up  -  $700 per bldg/annual

Other related fees will be charged when incurred

  • Re-inspection fee for 3rd and each additional inspection required for compliance  -  $100/each
  • Complaint-based inspection (with validated violation)  -  $100/each
  • Late rental registration penalty  -  $100/each
  • Reinstatement fee of suspended rental licence  -  $500/each
  • First-time rental registration fee (Rental Initiation Fee)  -  $400/each (Not including first year registration)
  • Failure to transfer ownership penalty  -  $100/each
  • Operating without a license panalty  -  $500/each
  • Appeal (rate applies to each structure involved in the appeal)  -  $200/each
  • Failure to designate a local manager/agent  -  $100/each

Other Rental Housing Code Resources

Sample Inspection Checklists

Housing Code/Ordinance

Online Rental Permit Application Form

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The City of Grand Rapids looks forward to a positive partnership with all rental property owners to provide safe housing within the city. If you have any questions or comments please contact one of our inspectors.