Saturday, 20 July, 2019



Special City Deer Hunt FAQ's


Why is Grand Rapids having a City Special Hunt?

To reduce the local deer population which should help reduce deer car collisions and damage to vegetation within the city limits. The Special Hunt is managed and administered by the Grand Rapids City Police Department with the support and cooperation of the MNDNR.

What do I have to do to participate in the City Special Hunt?
For archery: First, purchase your regular DNR archery license and optional Bonus Archery Permits. Then, stop in at the city police office and obtain a city special hunt permit. This will allow you to hunt within open archery areas within the city. Deer harvested by archery in the city hunt must be registered under permit area #995.
* A bonus permit is not restricted to a specific deer permit area number. Bonus permits can be used anywhere in the state where additional deer can be legally harvested. Bonus permits can be used in other city hunts, or managed, intensive or no limit harvest areas. 
For Firearms and Muzzleloader: You must purchase your firearms and/or muzzleloader license, and at the same time, apply for the city special hunt # 931 for firearms, or #946 for muzzleloader, before the city special hunt/either-sex permit lottery application deadline on or before September 06, 2018.
This is the same deadline and method you use to apply for an either-sex permit in a lottery area.
When you are purchasing the license, you will be asked “which area you hunt most often?” or “which area you plan to hunt?” Be sure to tell them permit area #931 for firearms, or # 946 for muzzleloader.  After you buy the license, check the receipt you were given to be sure it says you applied for either-sex permit lottery or city special hunt area #931 for firearms, or # 946 for muzzleloader. 
The city special hunt has unlimited permits available so if you apply correctly, and on time, (by September 6, 2018), you will be drawn and issued a permit to hunt within the city. The permit will be mailed to you in mid-October.
Can I purchase a muzzle loader license for the Grand Rapids city special hunt, and purchase a firearms license in a regular lottery permit area outside the city?
Yes, you can apply for one muzzleloader hunt and one firearm hunt; one application for each weapon type.
Residents and nonresidents are eligible for permits.
A permit is not transferable between persons or between areas.
If you use and fill your regular firearms license, additional deer would have to be taken with a muzzleloader using bonus permits for the Grand Rapids city special hunt.
Can I apply for a lottery area and the Grand Rapids city special hunt under my one firearms license?
No. If you want to apply for both hunts, you must do so under different season (weapon) options.
For example, you may apply for a lottery area with your firearms license AND apply for the Grand Rapids city special hunt using your muzzleloader. (OR) You may apply for the Grand Rapids city special hunt using your firearms license AND apply for the lottery using your muzzleloader license.

Where in the city can I hunt?

  • Look at the city hunting map which shows areas of the city that are open to hunting and also shows what weapon can be used in each area.
  • Not all areas within the city are open to hunting and have restrictions on what weapon can be used.
  • If you have specific questions about an area that is not shown clearly on the map contact the police office.
  • There is very little public land open to hunting within the city and most land is privately owned.
  • You can only hunt on private land with the permission of the landowner.

Can I still hunt in the city with a Firearms or Muzzleloader license if I miss the city special hunt application deadline?

Yes, but no bonus permits for antlerless deer can be used and you have to follow the same regulations as the surrounding permit area #179. Area #179 is hunter’s choice in 2018 so you may shoot one deer of either sex.

I did not apply for the city special hunt and do not have a special hunt permit, can I still party hunt with someone who does?

Yes, you may party hunt with someone with a city special hunt permit to help fill their bonus permits as long as you purchased a license in the current season.  

How many deer may I tag if I have a special hunt city permit? 

Hunters are allowed to take 4 antlerless deer using 4 bonus permits and one buck or antlerless deer using their regular license for a total of 5 deer. Deer taken during the city special hunt also count towards the statewide bag limit.

Do I have to register deer that I take?

Yes, you must always register any deer taken. This provides important information to the City and the DNR on how effective the city special hunt is and for tracking the local deer population. Collecting this vital information may insure a city special hunt in future years.

How do I register deer taken within the city?

Register your deer at any ELS agent where you purchases licenses or by phone.
For Archery register your deer as taken in Permit area #995   
For Firearms register your deer as taken in Permit area #931
For Muzzleloader register your deer as taken in Permit Area #946
It is very important to use the right permit number, because it is illegal to register a deer under a different permit area other than where it was taken.