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Grand Rapids Area Library Meeting Room Regulations

140 NE 2nd St. Grand Rapids, MN 55744 (218) 326-7640



The library is a tobacco free area

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the library or on its grounds.

No open flames are allowed in the library or meeting rooms.

The meeting rooms are designed for moderately quiet use. The rooms are not designed for loud gatherings, parties, or active games.

Meeting rooms are only available on days when the library is open. 

Any group publicizing a meeting or program at the Grand Rapids Area Library must identify themselves and their sponsorship and provide contact information in all advertisements and notices.

Reservations may be cancelled by the library 5 days prior to the meeting if payment has not been received or suitable arrangements for payment have not been made.

If the meeting room is reserved before the library is open, or if a meeting begins or continues after the library is closed, a representative from the group must check out a key.  A library card is required. The key should be returned immediately after the meeting concludes, either to the Circulation Desk or through the book drop on the north side of the building.

You are welcome to move the tables and chairs in the meeting room into any configuration that best facilitates your meeting, but you must return them to the “standard” configuration before you leave. There is a diagram by the door of the North side, and under the clock on the South side, to help you.  Set-up and take down must occur during the hours reserved for the meeting. Any group that remains in the room after its scheduled hours will be ineligible for future use of the room. Future reservations will be cancelled without refund.

Any damage to facilities or equipment must be reported to library staff. Groups using the meeting room will be responsible for the cost of   repairs and/or cleaning charges.

The library does not refund payments for single meetings. The library will refund payments for recurring meetings on a pro-rated basis if the meetings are cancelled at least 2 weeks in advance of the first date for which refund is requested.

Groups that meet monthly or weekly must renew their reservations annually in order to retain their regular meeting time and date. A reservation letter will be sent to regular groups annually.


Revised 3/2014



Grand Rapids Area Library Room Use Fees



Grand Rapids Area Library Room Use Fees

Community Room

            Library sponsored programs, City of Grand Rapids, Book Groups                    Free

            Non-profit and non-profit eligible* groups                                                          $10.00/hour

            All others (including individuals)                                                                        $20.00/hour

Discount:  A 25% discount applies to groups paying in advance for 6 or more meetings.


Riverview Room

Reserved for Library or City of Grand Rapids use


*Non-profit eligible is defined in Minnesota Statutes 317A. Under this statute a non-profit corporation may not: (1) be formed for a purpose involving pecuniary gain for its members, other than to members that are non-profit organizations or subdivisions, units, or agencies of the United States or a state or local government; and (2) pay dividends or other pecuniary remuneration, directly or indirectly, to its members, other than to members that are non-profit organizations or subdivisions, units, or agencies of the United States or a state or local government.”



Approved January 13, 2021