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20  General Statement:  In keeping with its mission of facilitating equal access to information for community members, the library will provide access to various electronic information sources, including the Internet.

20.1  Special Statement on On-line Resources:  The electronic resources available through the library's Internet computers are not selected or even monitored by staff.

20.2  The library cannot control accuracy, suitability for the particular patron or acceptability under community standards.

20.2.1  Parents must work with their children and individuals must take responsibility for monitoring the quality of materials accessed through Internet computers.

20.2.2  The library may host subscription and selected free databases on the library's catalog. These resources will be available from the Library's catalog workstations, the library's Internet Access workstations, and through the library's home page from home computers. Access will be cleared by entry of a valid library card number and PIN.

20.3  Regulation of Use of Electronic Resources: The library retains the right to regulate the use of electronic resources within the building in conformity with the laws of the State of Minnesota and in keeping with the Library's Rules of Conduct for Library Visitors.

20.4  Time limits: From time to time the library board will set fees, time limits and other rules to regulate the equitable distribution of the library's computer based resources.

20.5  Rules of Appropriate Use: Individuals using library on-line resources should not knowingly access and must not display materials deemed illegal by the State of Minnesota on library monitors. If an individual accesses a site he deems offensive and then cannot exit the site, he should turn off the monitor only and ask a staff member to shut down and reboot the computer.

20.6  Rules of Conduct: The general rules for conduct within the library pertain to the use of on-line resources. Rules of conduct will be approved annually by the Board and posted in the library.

20.7  The Board retains the right to provide additional limitations upon access for those computers designated for use by children.

20.8  The library will provide notices when a patron signs on to a Library Internet computer summarizing the Internet Policy, Rules of Conduct, fee structures and procedures for use. Users will be required to register their willingness to observe those policies and rules prior to accessing the Internet. (See the notice below.)

Notice to Internet Computer Users

In order to access the Internet, you must signify your willingness to abide by the policies and rules of use of the Grand Rapids Area Library. Please read the following rules:

  • I understand that the library does not control the accuracy, suitability or acceptability of the resources to be found on the Internet. I have the responsibility of evaluating the materials I find.
  • I understand that many items available on the Internet are not suitable for viewing by children. I will not view these materials if I am under 17 and will not share such sites with individuals under 17.
  • I understand that I must not view materials in violation of the Laws of the State of Minnesota.
  • I agree to remove a site from my screen if another library user asks me to because it is offensive to him/her.
  • I will not act in a way that would be considered harassment by another library user or a staff member.
  • I will maintain order and quiet at my workstation while using the computer. If I am sharing information on the screen with another individual, we will limit our conversation to very quiet exchanges.
  • I understand that the computer will close down at the end of the unpaid or paid time. Anything not saved to disk A prior to that time will be lost.
  • I understand that the maximum time allowed for use of this computer is 2 hours per day.
  • I understand that using a name or account number other than my own may lead to loss of all library privileges.

    Before you access the Internet, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and will follow these rules.