Saturday, 29 January, 2022

420 N. Pokegama Ave

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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Because the library belongs to all who come here, it is important that each person be considerate of others in the building. The following rules are especially important:

  • Take care for the safety of others. Running or pushing books through the shelves could hurt others.
  • Keep conversations quiet so others can read or study.
  • Limit conversations on the lobby telephone to 3 minutes.
  • Follow the rules for Internet and Catalog computer use.
  • Take care of library property.
  • Remain silent in designated "quiet" areas. Tutors and their students may converse quietly in the individual studies.
  • Use the Group Study Room for projects. It may be reserved for use on a regular basis or for a single use. Activities in the Group Study Room must not disturb workers in adjoining offices or others in the library.
  • Use covered beverage containers only. Do not eat or drink at the computers.
  • Remember that the library belongs to everyone. Please be tolerant and courteous to others.
  • Library staff members are not permitted to page library visitors unless there is an emergency. The caller must state the nature of that emergency.

21.1.1  General Statement  The Library is a community resource. Individuals using the library must conduct themselves in a manner that allows others to use the library in comfort and that conforms with the laws of the State of Minnesota and the ordinances of the City of Grand Rapids.

21.1.2  Noise  No conversation or other distractions are allowed in areas designated as "quiet" areas. In other areas quiet conversation will be allowed.

21.1.3  Cleanliness  Defacing or mutilating library property or littering the floors and tables is prohibited. Standing on or sitting on furniture or fixtures not designed for these purposed is prohibited.

21.1.4  The library grounds are located in the Central Business District of the City of Grand Rapids. Skate boarding is prohibited in the Central Business District. Offenses against the ordinance will be reported to law enforcement.

21.1.5  Behavior that creates a hostile environment for staff or other patrons will not be tolerated.

21.1.6  Internet computers are visible for those in their vicinity. If a library user is asked to close a site on those computers because it is offensive to others in the area, he or she must do so. A second complaint about the sites displayed on the user's computer will lead to the loss of Internet use privileges.

21.1.7  Use of the library's computers not in keeping with the library's Internet Policy or the laws of the State of Minnesota or the City of Grand Rapids is prohibited.

21.1.8  Those using the library's Internet computers must be aware that a log of sites visited will be maintained. A log of individuals using each designated Internet computer will also be kept. If illegal activities are traced to a workstation, the logs may be shared with law enforcement officials.