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Adopt a Magazine

Library supporters may adopt one or more of the magazines the Library subscribes to. A label with the adopter's name is placed on the cover of every issue. (Gifts may also be made anonymously) Most subscriptions range in price from $15 - $30/year. The Library will coordinate ordering and payment. If you are interested in adopting a magazine title, contact the Library Director.

If you'd like to offer direct support to our magazine collection, the Adopt-a-Magazine program gives you the perfect opportunity. When you choose to adopt a magazine, you select a title and support it financially by paying the subscription cost.


In choosing a title, you can:

  1. Support a title we currently receive, but not adopted by someone else
  2. Support (with library approval) a title we don't receive
  3. Select from a wishlist of titles:
    • Kids-
    • Teens- Manga/Graphic Novel Related
    • Adults-
      • Field and Stream
      • O, the Oprah Magazine
      • Deer and Deer Hunting
      • Bicycling

If you so choose, we will place an acknowledgement on each issue of the magazine to thank you for your donation.