Friday, 19 July, 2019


It’s Time for Programs@ Your Library!

Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library


Heavens to Betsy! When I started this monthly writing gig, I was told I had an 800-word limit. I can usually limit myself to slightly more than 800, but not during weeks like this one. I really wanted to take some time to flesh out some of our summer programming, but when I finished listing the programs for this upcoming week, I had used well over 500 words! What a week!

We have at least one children’s program every day this week. Check out the list below! Story times on Monday and Saturday bookend the extravaganza. The ever-popular Lego club is on Tuesday. (Our first of the summer, held today, saw 68 builders and helpers having a great, noisy, engineering time!) Wednesday we are co-hosting the wonderful Dollipops!  They are a live musical group, and they will be performing in the KAXE/Rotary tent next door, so bring your blankets and chairs. KAXE is popping popcorn for all of us! Thursday is our first Artastic Animals of the year. (See below, and call to register!) And Friday is Nature Show! Creepy Crawlies! (See below, and call to register!)

So, why do we do it? Planning for summer programming takes months of decisions, contracts, and graphic artist visits. Program days see us running around like the proverbial headless chicken. Relaxing summer? Not if you work in a children’s library! This is why we do it: kids who are connected to their libraries do better in life. Kids who read do better. Communities with an active library are generally more vibrant, and attract more people than communities without active libraries. Some families can’t afford a trip out of town, so we try to bring new experiences to town. And in a state that is in deep freeze for many months of the year, we deserve to run around in the grass and dance to the Dollipops.  Please, join us!


This Week at Your Library

Monday June 17, at 10:00 it’s time for Summer Monday Book Time! Join Tracy in the Story Circle for stories, songs, rhymes, scarves, shakers, and flannel board fun! Then move to the Community Room for a snack and a craft.


Tuesday June 18, at 10:30, it’s time for Lego Club! Are you a kid who likes to build? Join us for our next Lego Club! Lego Club is open to everybody, and Lego creations are displayed in the Children’s Library between programs.  We supply the Legos, you supply the imagination!


Wednesday June 19, at 6:00, it time for The Dollipops! Get ready to sing, dance, and laugh with the engaging, high-energy, highly interactive new kids’ show – The Dollipops!  “Dolli” and “Pop” are sisters who have traveled all the way from Sweet Tart City to bring you on a magical and musical road trip that is sure to get kids (and their parents!) moving, grooving, and making memories. From classic beach tunes to current Hollywood and pop hits, Dolli and Pop use music to allow kids the chance to use their imaginations, to sing and dance along, and even to enjoy their very own four and a half minutes of fame! This show will take place at the KAXE/Rotary tent, so bring your chair or blanket!


Thursday June 20, at 12:30, it’s time for Artastic Animals! Join Ms. Amanda to create art based on animals found in our backyard! Frogs, toads, and turtles will all make an appearance, along with a mystery animal or two! Following our animal observations, we will create art centered on our animal of the week. Open to all ages; children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult. Space is limited and registration opens two weeks before the scheduled class. Please call the Children’s Desk at (218) 327-8823 to register.


Thursday June 20, at 6:00 it’s Delicious Dishes: Cooking with Leafy Greens! Join members of the One Vegetable One Community crew in making and sampling delicious dishes made with this year’s pick: Leafy Greens! Space is very limited. Registration at the Reference Desk is required, (218) 326-7640.


Friday June 21, at 10:30, it’s time for Nature Shows! Creepy Crawlies! Join Ms. Diana for a morning filled with all things that you might find creeping and crawling in your backyard! First we’ll learn a little about what we might see, then we’ll journey outside to do some exploring! Who knows what we might find? Don’t miss this wonderful journey to find science in our own backyard! Open to all ages; children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult. Space is limited and registration opens two weeks before the scheduled class. Please call the Children’s Desk at (218) 327-8823 to register.