Tuesday, 19 June, 2018


Biking @ your Library

Will Richter, Reference Librarian


Hibernation is over!  Bike over to the library and check it out.  We are centrally located at 140 NE 2nd St in downtown Grand Rapids and have a sturdy bike rack to lock up your bike.  Forget your lock?  We have a couple to lend you.  Browse or collection of materials related to cycling for fitness, bike maintenance, and bike culture.  The library grounds are a great place to picnic, watch the river, or try your luck fishing from the pier.  See you soon!

Grand Rapids Community Bike Share (sponsored by City of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Rotary Club, and Get Fit Itasca)

Did you know that Grand Rapids is now home to a community bike share program? Bike sharing is a trending, innovative approach to public transportation that gives community members access to public bikes for travel or recreation. Our bike share program is:

FREE! (You must sign a waiver to participate.)

Great for short trips! (Take a ride on your lunch break.)

A healthy form of transportation!                                                         


Grand Rapids City Hall

Grand Rapids Area Library

Itasca County Family YMCA

Itasca Resource Center (IRC)

Before You Ride – Collected Tips from Get Fit Itasca

Ride responsibly – wear a helmet!

Be respectful of all riders, vehicles, and pedestrians.

Use hand signals when appropriate.

Your bike is your vehicle! Bicyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic and follow all traffic laws established for automobiles

A bike lane marked with solid white lines indicates that the lane is for the exclusive use of the cyclists.

Bike lanes have a dashed white line before the intersection to indicate joint use.  A right-turning car is to move into the bike lane before the intersection, first signaling the lane merge, then merging all the way over to the curb, then making the turn when safe.  The biker can pass them on the lane to the left.

If a bike encounters an obstruction in a bicycle lane, the biker may merge into car traffic to avoid it.

When riding next to parallel-parked cards, bikers should ride in the left half of the bike lane when safe and possible.  This will keep bikers as far away as possible from opening car doors.

Both auto and cycle drivers should always signal their planned movement. (See image to the left)

Both drivers and bikers should operate their vehicles defensively.  The single most important rule is to remain alert and be prepared for unpredictable moves or mistakes by others.

Bikers should use lights when on the road at night!

Special Summer Reading Announcement from the Children’s Library

It’s time for our Summer Reading Program! As we tell our classes of kids who visit us, now is the most brilliant, the most intelligent, the most capable that they have ever been in their lives. Studies show, however, that they are in  danger of losing almost a third of that knowledge before school starts next fall. It is well documented, though, that there is an easy way to prevent that learning loss: reading over the summer. That’s it! And it doesn’t matter what kids are reading, even if they read comic books and cereal boxes all summer, they could prevent the loss of their brilliance. So please, stop by the Children’s Desk and pick up a book log for all the children in your lives ages birth-14. They can earn a free book…and help their community at the same time. How? Come see! (And don’t forget to pick up your schedule of summer programming…it’s massive!)

Fishing Poles

Fishing on the brain?  The library has fishing poles and PFDs available for checkout. The checkout period is 3 days and the items can be taken anywhere you are going fishing or boating. Adult and children’s sizes of poles and PFDs are available.

Upcoming Programs @ your Library

Carrots!  May 24 at 3:30: Carrots are our community vegetable this year! Join us for some carrot-crafting, carrot eating, carrot-seed kit making fun! Call to register beginning May 10.

Dorothy Molter: The Root Beer Lady.  May 31 at 6:00  

Presenter: Sarah Guy-Levar, Director, Dorothy Molter Museum

Co-author of “Dorothy Molter: The Root Beer Lady,” Sarah uses photos, documents and oral histories to illustrate how a girl from Chicago became known as the legendary Root Beer Lady. Learn about Dorothy, the last non-indigenous resident of the BWCA.