Sunday, 1 August, 2021

420 N. Pokegama Ave

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

City Hall: 218-326-7600


Monday - Thursday
Noon to 6 PM

10AM - 2PM


140 NE 2nd Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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Open Mon-Thurs, 12-6PM & Fri, 10AM - 2PM
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Library Event Calendar

Library Board Meeting
Start on: 08/11/21 05:00pm
Library Board Meeting
Start on: 09/ 8/21 05:00pm

Welcome Back!



By Amy Dettmer, Assistant Library Director


The Library is closed Monday, February 17, in observance of Presidents’ Day.

It appears we are definitely in the thick of winter.  The skiing has been fantastic this year with lots of snow and not quite as cold (although last Thursday was a super cold day and it caused the State Nordic Ski Meet at Giant’s Ridge to reschedule to Friday). With all the snow and... read more

Itasca County Election Administration
PH: 218-327-2849
Minnesota Secretary of State
PH: 651-215-1440
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Now is the time for all good men

... read more
Come and experience Historic Central School. It’s a unique marketplace; home to the following local businesses and non-profits.
 True North Salon and Spa     

           ... read more

This page will provide you easy access to some of the resources available to you as a City employee.

... read more
Properties can apply for best management credits with the exception of single family residential.  In general, credits with the exception of single family residential.  In general, credits will be given for the following best management practices:
  • On-site (non-public) detention or retention ponds
  • Vacant land undisturbed for at least ten years
  • Un-impacted green space
  • MPCA Industrial permits
For a detailed credit policy and application. Please contact the City Engineering Department at City Hall, or call 218-326-7601.
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City Address:
City of Grand Rapids
420 N. Pokegama Ave
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Main Phone: 218-326-7600



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City of Grand Rapids Key Personnel Contact List
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