Tuesday, 17 July, 2018


City of Grand Rapids Named Outstanding Conservationist of the Year

In December of 2017 The City of Grand Rapids was presented with an award from the Itasca Soil and Water Districts as the 2017 Outstanding Conservationist of the Year. The City of Grand Rapids began increasing storm-water management measures a

Current Construction Projects

To view construction projects currently underway in the City of Grand Rapids please follow the link below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email engineering@cityofgrandrapidsmn.com.    Current Construction Projects                              

2018 Northeast Improvements Project

Construction will be starting soon on city project 2011-3, 2018 Northeast Improvements Project, which involves the reconstruction of street, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, water main, street lighting, storm sewer, and associated appurtenances.  The improvements are located on 7th Street NE from

10 Stormwater Facts

It’s been 25 years since the Environmental Protection Agency began the Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit program in November of 1990. SEH's April Ryan, PE, an expert in water resources and stormwater engineering, shares 25 Stormwater

Community Brush Pile has closed

With the closure of Deer River Hired Hands, the City of Grand Rapids has closed the Community Brush Pile. Brush can be taken to: Itasca County Landfill: Brush is accepted here for a nominal charge. Compost can be brought to the Community

Stormwater Utility Rate Increase

To ensure adequate funding for infrastructure improvements and maintenance of the City's storm sewer system, Grand Rapids City Council has approved an increase to the Stormwater Utility rate. Starting July 1, 2017 the new rates will be as follows:


Single Family- $6.75 / ea

Multi-Family- $24.67 / ac

Commercial- $37.79 / ac

Industrial- $37.79 / ac

Institutional- $33.51 / ac


The fee raises approximately $700 thousand annually and is spent on... read more


If you wish to have a fire larger that is larger than a regular campfire to burn brush piles, leaves, etc. within the city limits, you must obtain a burning permit from the Grand Rapids Fire Department. The following are numbers to contact for individuals that can assist with the burning permit process, or any questions you may have:

Fire Department (218) 326-7639
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The University of Minnesota Extension's Tourism Center found that the IRA Civic Center has a $3.4 million annual impact on Itasca County. 
That figure comes from a combination of visitor spending, annual operation, and 38 full and part-time jobs associated with the arena. The study, released in February, surveyed attendees to hockey games, wedding events, and the March builders' show. The complete report is available here.
For more information about... read more
With technical assistance provided by the University of Minnesota Extension, the Grand Rapid Economic Development Authority, in partnership with the Itasca Economic Development Corporation, the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Grand Rapids, have recently completed an analysis of the Grand Rapids retail market.

The Grand Rapids Market Area Profile report defines the... read more