Tuesday, 19 February, 2019


In December of 2017 The City of Grand Rapids was presented with an award from the Itasca Soil and Water Districts as the 2017 Outstanding Conservationist of the Year. The City of Grand Rapids began increasing storm-water management measures a number of years ago, with practices such as incorporating curb cut rain gardens during road construction projects. In 2014, a BWSR Clean Water funded assessment identified most immediate storm-water management needs in the City of Grand Rapids. A proposed 1.4 acre storm-water retention treatment pond was identified, funding was secured through a second BWSR Clean Water Fund grant, and construction was completed in September 2017. More recently, the City of Grand Rapids has secured $30,000 of north-central Minnesota Joint Powers Board funding to identify less evident high priority storm-water improvement needs. The Itasca SWCD commends the City of Grand Rapids for their increased storm-water management implementation, and looks forward to their continued partnership in soil and water. Pictured below is City Engineer Matt Wegwerth with Andy Arens District Manager and Water Plan Coordinator with Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).