The Comprehensive Plan is the policy guide the City of Grand Rapids is using to set forth its future land use and development activities. Planning is an ongoing attempt to guide future development or redevelopment in order to solve and avoid problems, meet future needs, and create new opportunities to enhance community life, the region’s economy, and its environmental quality. The Comprehensive Plan is a dynamic document that represents an ongoing opportunity for community members and the City to discuss issues of concern and to reassess the direction the community wishes to pursue.
The Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide local government policy and zoning decisions and provide guidance to citizens, developers, and anyone concerned with the development of the community. It also communicates the direction the City is heading. Furthermore, it is an initial step in helping the City to qualify for federal or state grants to address issues identified within it.
The City of Grand Rapids has recently updated its Comprehensive Plan.  The 2011 Comprehensive Plan articulates our community’s values and vision for the future.
"What is a Comprehensive Plan"
Chapters for review are as follows: (please allow additional time for Chapter 4 and Appendix 1 to download, as the files are large) 
Cover/Acknowledgements/Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - Planning Process
Chapter 3 - Community Vision, Values, and Guiding Principals
Chapter 4 - Future Land Use
Chapter 5-1 - Goals, Objectives, Implementation Priorities
Chapter 5-2 - Natural Infrastructure
Chapter 5-3 - Economic Infrastructure
Chapter 5-4 - Transportation Infrastructure
Appendix 1-1 - Maps
Appendix 1-2 - Maps
Appendix 2 - Public Process Results
Appendix 3 - 1st Amendment - Acknowledgement of Plans