Wednesday, 23 October, 2019


City Address:
City of Grand Rapids
420 North Pokegama Avenue
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Main Phone: 218-326-7600


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City of Grand Rapids Key Personnel Contact List
Administration   218-326-7600
  Tom Pagel City Administrator 218-326-7600
  Lynn Degrio Director of Human Resources 218-326-7606
  Kim Johnson-Gibeau City Clerk 218-326-7611
Airport     218-326-0893
Civic Center/Parks & Recreation 218-326-2500
  Dale Anderson Director of Parks & Recreation 218-326-7604
  Tony Clafton Recreation Program Director 218-326-7614
Community Development   218-326-7601
  Rob Mattei Director of Commuinty Development 218-326-7622
  Eric Trast Commuinty Development Specialist 218-326-7650
  Travis Cole Building Official 218-326-7651
Engineering   218-326-7601
  Matt Wegwerth, PE City Engineer 218-326-7625
Finance   218-326-7603
  Barb Baird Director of Finance 218-326-7615
  Laura Pfeifer Assistant Director of Finance 218-326-7619
Golf Course    
  Bob Cahill Director of Golf 218-326-3444
Fire Department    
  Michael Liebel Fire Chief 218-326-7639
  Marcia Anderson Director of Library Services 218-326-7643
  Amy Dettmer Assistant Director of Library Services 218-326-8826
Police Department    
  Scott Johnson Interim Chief of Police 218-326-3464
  Steve Schaar Assistant Chief of Police 218-326-3464
Public Works    
  Jeff Davies Director of Public Works 218-326-7480
Public Utilities   218-326-7024