Friday, 17 September, 2021

420 N. Pokegama Ave

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

City Hall: 218-326-7600



Due Date: September 30, 2021 at 4:30 PM


The City of Grand Rapids is seeking proposals from licensed property and casualty insurance agents to
act as the Agent of Record/Insurance Broker for the City (Broker). The City has used the League of
Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) for many years and plans to remain with the LMCIT. This
request for proposal cover the only the LMCIT insurance program including the property/casualty
program, but not the worker’s compensation program.

Sealed, written proposals responding to the “request for proposal” must be submitted no later than
Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 4:30 PM. Proposers are solely responsible for delivery of their proposals
to the City before the date and hour set forth above. Any proposal received after that time because of
delayed mail delivery or any other reason will not be considered and will be unopened. Proposals shall be
addressed to:


City of Grand Rapids
Attn: Lynn DeGrio, Director of Human Resources
420 North Pokegama Avenue
Grand Rapids, MN 55744-2662


Proposers must use the proposal form attached, but may also submit other documentation for
consideration. This documentation may include brochures, samples, letters of recommendation, etc.
The face of the sealed envelope containing the proposal should bear the caption “Insurance Agent
The City would like to retain the services of the selected broker for a minimum period of three (3) years,
with annual extensions available as agreed between parties. The services will begin upon contract


TheCity desires to work with an agent who successfully provides the following services:

  1. Advise and assist the City in assembling and accurately reporting underwriting data, including updating property values, for rating purposes.
  2. Advise and assist the City in evaluating and selecting among coverage alternatives such as deductibles, limits, optional coverages, alternative coverage forms, etc.
  3. Review coverage documents and invoices to assure coverage has been correctly issued and billed.
  4. Advise the City on potential gaps or overlaps in coverages.
  5. Assist the City as requested in submitting claims and interpreting coverage as applied to particular claims.
  6. Review loss reports for correct reporting, appropriate reserves, etc.
  7. Assist as requested with safety and loss control activities.
  8. Assist the City in identifying risk exposures and developing appropriate strategies to address those exposures.


Selection of the insurance broker will be based on the following criteria (not necessarily in order of importance).

  1. Expertise and experience in providing insurance brokerage services with Minnesota cities.
  2. Qualification of personnel in the area of property and casualty, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.
  3. References from public sector entities and clients which are comparable to the City.
  4. Ability to respond efficiently to the requests for services.
  5. Quality of the broker’s proposal including RFP for insurance, responsiveness and adequacy of information provided.
  6. Support services available (loss control, claims, claim reports).
  7. Fee/payment structure to service this account.
  8. Interview responses, if applicable.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is not an authorization to approach the insurance market on the
City’s behalf. The City specifically requests that no contact or solicitation of insurance markets be
made on its behalf and that no insurance market reservation be made by or for any proposer for
insurance or related service to be provided for the City. An agent’s failure to comply with this request
will result in disqualification.

A team of City staff members will review the submitted proposals and select brokers for interviews
base on qualifications. The interviews will be tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, 2021.
The selection team will recommend one broker that best fits the City’s needs and who have agreed to
accept the terms of the City’s contract.
The City of Grand Rapids reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities, to
award the contract in whole or in part, and to award to the vendor the City determines is in the City’s
best interest.

Questions concerning the proposal process can be addressed to Director of Human Resources
Lynn DeGrio at 218-326-7606. Any information given to one proposer will be put in writing and
distributed to all who received proposal packets.

Attachment: Broker/Agency Information Proposal Response Form