Saturday, 4 July, 2020


City Hall: 218-326-7600

Notice of Vacancies on City of Grand Rapids
Boards & Commissions
The City of Grand Rapids is currently seeking individuals to serve on the following Boards and Commissions.  We need your commitment and ideas to help advise elected & appointed officials on matters that promote & maintain the continued healthy growth of the community. Terms begin March 1st of each year, with the exception of the Arts & Culture Commission, Library Board and Police Community Advisory Board whose terms begin January 1st of each year.
Applications may be obtained HERE or by contact City Hall Administration at 218-326-7600.
To advise the City Council on development of arts & cultural activities, organizations & facilities in Grand Rapids.
- 9 member board, 3-year terms
- No residency required
To advise Council on management of this Municipal enterprise.
- 5 member board, 3-year terms
- 4 City residents, 1 non-resident
To secure for all citizens freedom from discrimination. 
- 9 member board, 3 year term
- No residency required
To provide library services to Grand Rapids and surrounding communities.
- 9 member board, 3-year terms
- 5 City residents/4 Service Area residents
Including Arbo, Blackberry, Cohasset, Feeley,
Harris, LaPrairie, Sago, Spang, Wabana & Warba
To advise the City Council on use of property, density of populations & other matters relating to the physical development of the City.
- 7 member board, 4-year terms
- Residency required
To represent the community to the Police Department, advising on matters related to police-community relations.
- 9 member board, 3-year terms
- 5 City residents/4 non-residents
To operate electric, water & sewer service enterprises & operate certain public buildings.
- 5 member board, 4 year terms
- No residency required
- Independent authority
To advise the City Council on matters that pertain to needs of the Civic Center, recreation and parks.
- 7 member board, 3-year terms
- Residency required