Thursday, 15 November, 2018


The project consisting of members from the City of Grand Rapids, Boys & Girls Club,
Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (IASC), and the Grand Rapids Amateur
Hockey Association (GRAHA), invite you to an informational meeting where you will learn more
about each of the aspects of the project, project cost, and funding. In addition, we will present
information about committees and their roles in the project. We hope the meeting will help you
decide where your strengths can be used to complete the Kids Campus.
The volunteer meeting will be held at the IRA Civic Center on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, at
6:30 pm

To assist you we have established the following committees:

  •  ADA Accessibility Committee – The role of this committee will be to review and provide input relative to mobility improvements so we can make sure that the facility is “mobility friendly” beyond the ADA code requirements.
  • Indoor Playground Committee – This committee will explore equipment and make recommendations on the playground amenities that will be installed.
  •  Funding Committee – This committee will explore, write, and pursue all funding options to assist in capital costs as well as operating and maintenance costs.
  • Communication Committee – This committee will be the messaging voice for the project. Information from all committees will be collected and progress reports will be provided to the public.
  • Hockey Enhancement Committee – The role of this committee will be to review and provide input relative to the needs of the ultimate hockey experience.
  • Daycare/Early Childhood Committee – This group will assist in making a recommendation on the final size and types of childcare/early childhood services provide in the facility.
  •  Boys & Girls Club Committee – This committee will work with the Boys & Girls Club to provide services in the Kids Campus.
  • Arts Education Space Committee – This committee will develop art curriculum and define space needs and how collaboration could occur with other tenants of the facility.
  • Available Space Committee – This committee will review the potential non-designated space and identify and communicate with other potential partners.


Letter to volunteers.