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The City of Grand Rapids supports and authorizes several types of licenses and permits.  Please click on a link below to go to the specific information and application associated with the license or permit that interests you.  It is important to read the information and instructions in their entirety to ensure that you have all required documentation, fees and meet current deadlines for submittal.  
If you have questions regarding any of these licenses or permits, please contact us at City Hall Administration:

City Licenses & Permits

Firearms Event Permit
Fireworks Permit 
Taxi License
Theatre License
Transient Merchant License


The City, in accordance with state law, issues licenses for the sale and distribution of alcohol within the city limits.  There are many types of licenses; each with their own guidelines and criteria.  Here you will find information specific to each type of liquor license including:
Community & Other Events:  If you are organizing a community event or providing service/sales at a City owned facility, you will need to obtain a temporary license to distribute and/or sell alcohol.  The license required will depend on the type of alcohol you intend to provide or the type of event and its location.  Your organization must be one of the following in order to apply for a temporary license or to transfer an on-sale license for the purpose of serving alcohol:  
  • Club or charitable, religious or other non-profit corporation that has existed for at least three years; 
  • Political committee registered under state law;
  • State Univeristy; 
  • Certain brewer; or
  • A current On-sale license holder, within the city limits or an adjoining municipality, serving an event at a City owned facility
If you meet any of the above criteria, please click on the desired permit below to begin the application process.
Helpful links:



City residents may keep chickens upon obtaining a permit from City Hall Administration.  Residents must complete the permit application and adhere to the laws set forth in the City Orinance.
Application & Important things to remember are:  
  • Permit fee:  $20 
  • This permit applies to chickens only.  Roosters are expressly forbidden. 
  • Applicants must obtain authorization from 75% of adjacent landowerns as noted on the application.  
  • There is a maximum of three animals allowed on any one premises, which includes a combination of cats, dogs and chickens.  
  • Please see the application and ordinance for more details, rules and regulations. 


No person shall operate or maintain any hall, theater, or any other enclosure where shows, performances, exhibitions, circuses, motion picture shows or entertainments are given within the city without a license.  Specifically, the City requires completed applications for Movie Theatres and Circuses.