Friday, 17 November, 2017


The Grand Rapids Police Department employs a Community Service Officer to perform animal control, vehicle unlocks, blight enforcement, parking enforcement, dispatch relief, and other duties as needed. If you are missing a pet, please contact the Grand Rapids Police Department at 218-326-3464.  The Grand Rapids Animal Control shelter houses animals for the City of Grand Rapids and most of Itasca County. If you are missing a pet from the Itasca County area, please call the Community Service Officer for guidance.
If you wish to claim and pick up a pet that has been impounded by the Grand Rapids Police Department, you may do so at the Grand Rapids Police Department at City Hall: 420 N. Pokegama Avenue.  The current fee schedule is $10 per day per animal.
All unclaimed stray animals (cat or dog) are brought to a local animal shelter after 10 days..

Other Resources

Pet Registration

We are not requiring pet owners to purchase a lifetime/yearly pet license, but are asking pet owners to provide us with the rabies tag information, with your name and phone number, so we are able to return your pet to you safely.