Saturday, 20 January, 2018


Around the Library

By Amy Dettmer, Assistant Library Director


I’m going to devote my column to letting you know about some materials and services the library provides. Hopefully some of it will be new to you!

Passport Acceptance Facility.In December 2015, the library became a Passport Acceptance Facility. This means the library is authorized by the U.S. Department of State to accept and verify the documents, applicant signature and identity for passport applications.... read more

The Caldecotts @ Your Library

Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library


As I wrote my last column, my thoughts were accompanied by winds screaming around the corners of the building, a high-pitched whistle adding to the cacophony produced by the heat register. (And you thought a library was quiet?) This morning it is well below zero, and the steam rising from the river reminds me of the beauty and treachery of winter.... read more

The Minnesota Department of Revenue no longer provides state tax forms and instructions to libraries and counties.


Find Minnesota tax forms and instructions:



... read more

The program to supply public libraries with tax forms has been drastically cut.  Grand Rapids Area Library will receive VERY limited quantities of basic Federal forms and instructions.  The Library will have one book of reproducible Federal forms. The IRS has not provided an estimated ship date.

This is outside of our control.

To order tax forms:



... read more