Sunday, 27 May, 2018


Library Event Calendar

Dorothy Molter: The Root Beer Lady
Start on: 05/31/18 06:00pm
Saturday Story Time (JJ)
Start on: 06/ 2/18 10:15am
Summer Monday Book Time!
Start on: 06/ 4/18 10:00am
Writing Memoir, Writing Life
Start on: 06/ 5/18 01:00pm
4-H at the Library (6/5)
Start on: 06/ 5/18 05:30pm
Summer Yoga on the Lawn (6/9)
Start on: 06/ 9/18 09:00am

@ Your Library™

Summer Programming @ your Library

Summer Programming @Your Library Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library   In the Children’s Library world, spring is a time of mad, crazy planning.  The Summer  Reading Program is the shining jewel in our crown, but that particular jewel demands a lot of spit and

Audio @ your Library

Audio@yourlibrary By Amy Dettmer, Assistant Library Director   Happy Mother’s Day! To all the Mothers, have a great day! When I was growing up there were only books on cassette tape to listen to. (I grew up in the era of film strips that

Biking @ your Library

Biking @ your Library Will Richter, Reference Librarian   Hibernation is over!  Bike over to the library and check it out.  We are centrally located at 140 NE 2nd St in downtown Grand Rapids and have a sturdy bike rack to lock up

Who Am I Missing? @ your Library

Who Am I Missing? @Your Library Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library   School’s almost out for the summer. One wouldn’t even have to own a calendar to realize that, the buzz of energy is palpable.  There are several school groups that visit me each





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Open Burning / Burning Permits are issued for piled materials such as trees and brush. For burning permits within the city limits of Grand Rapids, you must contact Fire Department personnel. The following is contact information for individuals that can assist with the burning permit process. 
Fire Department                          (218) 326-7639
Mike Liebel, Fire Chief             ... read more
What your family needs to know.
In a disaster, local officials and relief workers cannot reach everyone immediately. Help may not arrive for hours or days. You and your family need to be prepared ahead of time because you won't have time to shop or search for the supplies you will need when a disaster strikes. 
FACT: Most disasters are natural disasters, the result of some force of nature, such as tornadoes,... read more
The Building Safety Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for new construction plan review and inspection to ensure the proper installation of life safety requirements, fire alarms, extinguishing systems, and to assist with pre-fire scene planning for the volunteer firefighters.  The Fire Inspector also conducts routine fire inspections for commercial, industrial, and apartment buildings to ensure public safety and health and to obtain updated information on hazardous materials... read more

Information provided courtesy of National Fire Protection Association

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The Grand Rapids Fire Department is rich in history and tradition, and our members have continued to serve their community with pride, courage and integrity for more than 115 years.

In March of 1893, the first Pokegama Hotel burned to the ground. At that time, Grand Rapids did not have a regular fire department, but the village did own a chemical engine and hook and ladder equipment (valued at $2,000). However,... read more