Saturday, 24 March, 2018


Library Event Calendar

Saturday Story Time (12-3)
Start on: 03/24/18 10:15am
Anime Club (3/24)
Start on: 03/24/18 02:00pm
Peeps dioramas due today!!
Start on: 03/26/18 12:00am
Book Time (Mar)
Start on: 03/26/18 09:30am
Saturday Story Time (Apr)
Start on: 04/ 7/18 10:15am
Book Time (Apr)
Start on: 04/ 9/18 09:30am

@ Your Library™

State of MN tax forms NOT available at Library

The Minnesota Department of Revenue no longer provides state tax forms and instructions to libraries and counties.   Find Minnesota tax forms and instructions: www.revenue.state.mn.us 1-800-652-9094

Federal Tax Form Update

The program to supply public libraries with tax forms has been drastically cut.  Grand Rapids Area Library will receive VERY limited quantities of basic Federal forms and instructions.  The Library will have one book of reproducible Federal forms. The IRS

Newbery Monday! @ your Library

Newbery Monday!@Your Library Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library   I woke crazy early, just in case I had the time zone wrong. 8:30 Denver time should be 9:30 our time, but what if I’m wrong? So I was up by 6:30, monitoring the live

Curling @ your Library

Curling @yourLibrary By Amy Dettmer, Assistant Library Director   Hasn’t it been fun watching the Olympics? I spent quite a few hours plopped in front of the TV and computer. I was so psyched to see the US women win the first gold

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