Monday, 11 December, 2017


The City of Grand Rapids held a public meeting on October 3, 2017 to discuss access issues to Highway 2 on the west side of town. During this meeting, the City heard several safety concerns over the County Road 63 and Hale Lake Pointe Road intersection area. As a result of these comments, the City will implement a “trial” closure of Hale Lake Pointe Road for the next 6 months to see what impact this has on safety and traffic patterns. Residents will be required to use Elida Drive or Rangeline Road to exit and enter the neighborhood. The map on the back of this letter outlines the closure area and will be implemented on November 28, weather permitted.
Additionally, the City has had several meetings with MnDOT since the October 3 meeting to discuss options for improving Highway 2. Based on your comments, MnDOT had agreed to the following:
- Complete a speed study for the corridor (Grand Rapids to Cohasset) to determine the safe operating speeds. This study should be completed in the next couple of months.
- Complete a corridor study to review all aspects of the roadway that will include lane configurations, speed, intersections and access. A corridor study will help guide what improvements should be made which will then assist with funding options. We anticipate this will be completed during the summer of 2018.
The City appreciates your comments and concerns and our goal is to make the roadways as safe as possible for all users.If you have any questions regarding the closure or any of the projects,please contact the City Engineer at 218.326.7625