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Monday, 27 March, 2017


Mississippi Riverfront Venue Update

On February 1st, 2017, the Arts and Culture Commission of Grand Rapids along with LHB, an architect and design company, met with the public to discuss the new Riverfront Venue Feasibility Study they have been working on. This public meeting was held to discuss possible building sites for a new outdoor entertainment venue. 
LHB is putting together the study and will be designing and constructing the new venue. They believe it is extremely important to get community input. The purpose of phase 1 of the feasibility study was to determine if the Community of Grand Rapids felt the need for an outdoor entertainment venue.
Heidi Bringman of LHB Corporation indicated they found no red flags and are ready to continue onto phase 2.  
A goal clearly stated in the Arts and Culture roadmap for the City of Grand Rapids is to connect arts, heritage, and the natural environment to help promote Grand Rapids’ distinctive identity.This goal is very important in moving forward with a new Mississippi Riverfront Venue and deciding on where it will be hosted. 
As of now, there are three possible sites. . The sites along the Mississippi River currently in competition are: The Forest History Center, Northern Community Radio (KAXE), and Veterans Memorial Park. This study is open to more possible site areas, and LHB encourages community input
At the meeting, members of the public were split into three smaller groups to discuss the pros and cons of the three different sites. Each of the sites clearly have their own good qualities and their troubles. While the input from the public helped immensely, both LHB, and the Arts and Culture Commission are asking for even more input from members of the community.  There will be another public meeting held at a later date and community members are again encouraged to be a part of this process and make this venue the best it can be.  
Another way to give your input on the new Mississippi Riverfront Venue coming to Grand Rapids is to fill out the survey below.