Thursday, 19 April, 2018


The City is exploring city project 2011-3, 2018 Northeast Improvements Project, which involves the reconstruction of street, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, water main, street lighting, storm sewer, and associated appurtenances.  The improvements are located on 7th Street NE from 7th Avenue NE to 13th Avenue NE, 10th Avenue NE from 5th Street NE to 7th Street NE, 11th Avenue NE from 7th Street NE to the Sports Complex Entrance and the... read more

It’s been 25 years since the Environmental Protection Agency began the Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit program in November of 1990. SEH's April Ryan, PE, an expert in water resources and stormwater engineering, shares 25 Stormwater Facts and a bit of her own insight.

 1. Stormwater is precious and powerful.
Stormwater is precipitation (rain or snowmelt) that... read more

With the closure of Deer River Hired Hands, the City of Grand Rapids has closed the Community Brush Pile. Brush can be taken to:

Itasca County Landfill: Brush is accepted here for a nominal charge.

Compost can be brought to the Community Compost Pile or Cohasset/Itasca County Compost site located on Pincherry Road.

If you have questions please contact Jeff Davies at 218-326-7480 or the PW Administrative Assistant at 218‑326‑7481.

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